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Fozia Basharat Director Pakistan Railways

I have chosen Pathways British School as I have experienced that they are the best school in the city.

Madiha Rizvi Famous Actress

Commented that she was so pleased with the progress of her children in our school.

Khalid Hussain Civil Judge

Commented that he would like to personally thank the staff for their hard work and dedication. He said that his children had improved in their academic performance dramatically in our school.

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Visit Pathways British School in Pakistan to learn about an excellent British education. A life-changing educational experience is guaranteed by our dedication to quality. Adopt internationally accepted standards for education that are specifically designed for Pakistani pupils. As a leader in providing high-quality Uk education in Pakistan, our institution is distinguished by its emphasis on academic excellence and overall development. Come along on a journey of learning and development where Pakistan’s dynamic educational landscape blends with the finest aspects of British education. Join us at Pathways British School, where we are paving the way for success and establishing the standard for Uk education in karachi.

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