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About Us

Pathways British School Vision

Pathways british School, we envision a dynamic learning community where a profound love for knowledge is nurtured within a secure and welcoming atmosphere. 

Our pedagogical approach champions independent thinking, promotes equality, and celebrates diversity. 

Through a commitment to cultivating confidence, fostering high self-esteem, and upholding rigorous standards, we aim to deliver enriching and enjoyable learning experiences. 

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Who we are ?

Pathways British School transcends the role of a mere educational institution; we are a thriving community dedicated to kindling the flames of curiosity,

cultivating a profound sense of responsibility, and instilling an enduring passion for lifelong learning in every student.

Our identity is shaped by our unwavering commitment to core values and a vision that encapsulates the holistic growth and development of each individual under our care.

Pathways British School Aims

Our objectives serve as guiding principles, directing our educational approach and molding the young minds that traverse our halls. We aspire to:

Foster Independent and Creative Thinking:

We actively promote independent thinking among our students, nurturing their creativity and honing critical thinking skills. We firmly believe that empowering young minds with the capacity to think autonomously is fundamental to their future success.


The Oxford University Press Symposium, an annual event uniting teachers nationwide, has been held in various locations, including Muzaffarabad, Murree, and online.
Featuring guest presenters like our founder Judith Bradshaw and UK Trainer Margaret Thomson, the symposium is a platform for knowledge exchange.
Our Head of Secondary has been a presenter every year since 2017, contributing to this esteemed event's success.

Our Head of Secondary consistently provides training for external organizations such as Kifiyat Publishers. In a recent session, the focus was on introducing the new title 'Explore Science' to teachers from DHACSS.

Conducting Training at GIKI (Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute) In Swabi, KPK

  • Pathways Education Training and Management (PETM), a subsidiary of Our  School, specializes in teacher training and school management.
  • Partnered with GK College in Swabi, KPK, we conduct extensive teacher training initiatives and have developed a comprehensive three-year plan for the college.
  • To experience the impact of our programs firsthand, we invite you to visit our facilities and see our expertise in action. We showcase modern teaching methods,
  • resources, and infrastructure that can empower any educational institution.

A Levels

  • A levels hold significant value for both universities and employers, serving as a testament to a student’s academic proficiency, dedication, application, critical thinking, and capacity for self-motivation.
  • Pathways British School’s A-levels program broadens horizons with inspiring subjects, guiding career choices. Our strong ties to U.K. and U.S. universities enhance student opportunities.
  • We offer info on scholarships for UK. and the US. studies, focusing on A-Levels. Our resources ease financial burdens, supporting eligible students in their academic pursuits. 

External Examinations

  • A – levels are highly valued by universities and employers, showcasing not just academic knowledge but also dedication, critical thinking, and self-motivation.
  • Pathways British School’s A levels program offers diverse opportunities through inspiring subjects, guiding informed career choices. Our strong U.k university connections support academic and professional growth.
  • Explore our detailed database of scholarships and bursaries for A-level students pursuing studies in the UK and US Our resources aim to support your academic journey by providing valuable financial assistance.


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