Pathways British School

UK Training In Clifton

Our committed Pathways Faculty at UK Training Pathways uses specialized programs to help students reach their full potential. We prioritize holistic development—promoting academic performance, critical thinking, and creativity—by employing UK education best practices. Our dynamic approach prepares students for the future by fusing classic and cutting-edge teaching techniques. To ensure well-rounded growth, we promote community service, extracurricular activities, and group projects outside of the classroom. Come along on a journey where overall development and intellectual achievement coexist together. Join us, and witness a learning environment where students thrive not only academically but also as well-rounded individuals, ready to navigate the complexities of the world.

UK Ofsted Inspection​

Come along on a life-changing journey with us at the British School in Karachi, where we always go above and beyond to deliver exceptional education. Notably, our exceptional learning environment is guaranteed by our unrivalled Ofsted classification, which attests to our unwavering adherence to the highest standards. Participate in engaging classes and group projects that promote creativity and critical thinking. Discover the quality that makes us stand out and makes us the preferred option for prestigious education. Come be a part of our community, where a dedication to academic excellence and personal development shapes each student’s path. Join us, and experience a supportive and inclusive community that nurtures not only academic success but also individual growth and character development. Explore the transformative education that goes beyond the ordinary, preparing students for a future of limitless possibilities.

Pathways Faculty

Hafsa Sohail

English History Geography Teacher

Humera Khan

Computing Teacher

Muhammad Ismail

Math, Physics, Add Math Teacher

Kiran Aamir

Year 4 R Teacher

Namirah Qureshi

Playgroup Teacher

Najia Sultan Khan

English, Pakistan Studies & Com

Nadia Hussain

Eyfs Coordinator

Muhammad Ali Mirza

Business, Economics & Accounting Teacher